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a b o u t

|plєαsє gσ αwαч,
dσn't kíll mє αnчmσrє.|
|lσvє αnd kíndnєss αrє
fσrєplαч σf вєtrαчαl.|
|tσ mє ín 13 чєαrs,
αm í smílíng nαturαllч?|
thє gαzєttє, mєjíвrαч, вσrn, míчαví, gírugαmєsh, вσrn, σnє σk rσck, rєígn, 2nє1, εxσ

TRACK: 时间煮雨
PLAYS: 2,155


吴亦凡 - 时间煮雨 《小时代3:刺金时代》主题曲

Wu Yifan - Shijian Zhu Yu / Time Boils the Rain     “Tiny Times 3” theme song 

Version by Yu Kewei for “Tiny Times 1&2”

ARTIST: the GazettE
ALBUM: Super Margarita
TRACK: Black Spangle Gang
PLAYS: 151


Black Spangle Gang - The GazettE

" Black leather. . Flat chair. . Hydro custom. . Rolling dance. . Black spangle. . Rude highway. "kono machi wa ore no mono". Full smoke. . Night cabaret. . Gorgeous strip. . Catwalk. . Vip room. . Donperi shower. . abaita WAIRO wa FAKE MONEY. "

Ruki’s Voice, Uruha and Aoi Guitars, Reita’s Bass intro, Kai Drums. . ALL LOVE EVERYTHING. GazeROCK is not Dead. . Such an Inspiring band and I love them so much. . \m/

Ruki: But isn't it kinda cute for a girl to like people's butts? Like, if I'm the one who says "I like butts"... How is it?
Fan: I think it's ok
Reita: But his face was so scary when he said "I like butts"
Ruki: Try saying that!
Reita: I like butts.
Ruki: Scaryyy!